About Us

We focus on what matters: You

We don’t just help you invest. We start by understanding your needs and objectives — whether you’re a pension fund manager, the sponsor of a workplace retirement plan, a board member at an endowment, or a financial advisor.

Seeing from your perspective guides us to develop distinctive approaches and solutions. Then we draw on the firepower of our investment teams and the breadth of our expertise to put those ideas into practice — helping achieve the outcomes we’ve identified together.

The expertise to deliver what matters

Results matter: They’re essential for achieving your investment objectives. We draw on deep capabilities across investments, solutions, and risk management, including the expertise of our 29 independent investment teams. Companywide collaboration also helps us deliver on a full range of needs — capturing exposure to specific asset classes, manufacturing alpha, solving complex portfolio challenges, managing risk, and improving defined contribution plans, to name a few. We encourage intellectual rigor, healthy debate, and a problem-solving approach with our teams so they have the ability to bring you our best.

Helping you build a better future

Your needs matter to us. Regardless of where you sit as an investor, we want to understand your unique situation and figure out how we can use our expertise and passion for problem-solving to help you meet them. We do this through:

  • Understanding the pressures faced by pension managers, sovereign funds, insurance companies, foundations, and endowments
  • Appreciating that employers are focused on retirement and the financial well-being of their employees
  • Valuing the role our consultant partners play in guiding and assisting corporate decision-makers
  • Knowing that advisors want to help their clients with effective tools and new ideas, not just with their investing
  • Empathizing with the challenges individuals face when trying to invest in what matters to them — from growing and preserving wealth, to preparing for retirement, to aligning their investments with their values

The reach of Wells Fargo Asset Management


assets under management*


independent investment teams


investment professionals


offices globally

*As of December 31, 2018. AUM includes $92B from Galliard Capital Management, an investment advisor that is not part of the WFAM trade/GIPS firm. Total firm assets include $1.2B in notional assets.

Fueling the future

We work every day to build on Wells Fargo’s deep legacy of innovation. We encourage our teams to imagine the future, think differently, advocate for their ideas, and collaborate. And we strive to engage with our clients in ways that help sharpen our focus on building what matters.

Constantly expanding our expertise helps us stay at the forefront of evolutions in the markets and client needs.

Our foundation

We have been addressing investors’ needs for more than 100 years. Innovation is at the core of our history — from introducing some of the earliest mutual funds in the 1930s to pioneering index investing in the 1970s to co-launching the first target date fund in the 1990s.

Growing our expertise

Our investment capabilities are broad and deep. Since the 1970s, we have built on our index investing heritage to develop expertise across fundamental active, quant, factor-based, and multi-asset solutions.

Looking to the future

We look to solve today’s challenges and to harness tomorrow’s opportunities. We believe it’s essential to build solutions for investors’ needs, not to just deliver products. Today that means focusing on technology, retirement needs, ESG, and delivering total portfolio solutions.